Botond Kostyák Double Bass




Botond Kostyák an international renowned musician was born in 1959 in Romania (Cluj) in a family of Hungarian musicians.


He started studies of piano and double bass in his home town and later in Bucarest at C. Porumbescu Conservatory of Music. Among his professor was Ion Cheptea. He was awarded by Gold Medal of Conservatory in 1982.


He has been distinguished in international competitions:  third prize awarded of International Double bass Competition in Markneukirchen (Germany) in 1981 and second prize of International Double bass Competition in Mittenwald (Germany) in 1991.


From 1983 to 1993 Botond Kostyák was member of several symphony orchestras as National Philharmonic Orchestra of Brasov (Romania), National Philharmonic Orchestra of Târgu Mures (Romania), and soloist of Argov Orchestra (Switzerland).


He lives in France since 1993 and became double bass soloist of the National Orchestra of Lyon in 1993.

Botond Kostyák has recorded for AEOLUS, DIVOX, ERNEN and other companies, performed several concerts as soloist in European countries and closely collaborated with great conductors as Emmanuel Krivine, David Robertson and Leonard Slatkin.


Botond Kostyák frequently performs with the “Erato”, “Debussy” and "Beethoven" quartets, and he is the founding member of the string bass quartet “Mobile” which won the Romanian Music Critic Prize in 1988.

He has been active as professor in this field at the music Academy of Basel (Switzerland) since 2001 and at the Music Conservatory of Vienna (Austria) since 2010 and performs master classes in Europe.